Papanicolaou's solution 3c polychromatic EA 65 - Merck



The cytological staining technique developed by Papanicolaou is still the standard method in cancer and hormone cycle diagnosis.

Differential cytoplasm staining can be achieved using orange stains in conjunction with polychrome solution. 4 different polychrome solutions are available, they differ in the various concentrations of the components and produce different cytoplasm stains. Polychrome solutions EA 65, Papanicolaou’s solutions 3d and 3c, are normally used for mucous rich, non-gynaecological material. Papanicolaou’s solution 3c gives red staining results and Papanicolaou’s solution 3d gives blue-green staining results. It is an IVD & CE product.


Cod produs Cantitate Descriere produs
109270 100 ml for cytological cancer and cycle diagnosis