Papanicolaou's solution 3a polychromatic EA 31 - Merck

Papanicolaou's solution 3a polychromatic EA 31 - Merck



The cytological staining technique developed by Papanicolaou is still the standard method in cancer and hormone cycle diagnosis. 

Four different polychrome solutions are available; they differ in the various concentrations of the components and produce different cytoplasm stains. In the last staining step is used the so-called polychrome solution, a mixture of eosin, light green SF and Bismarck brown. The polychrome solution is used to demonstrate the differentiation of squamous cells. In gynecological cytology Polychrome solution EA 31 (3a) and EA 50 (3b) are mostly used. In non-gynecological cytology Polychrome solution EA 65 (3c) and EA 65 (3d) are used. It is an IVD registered product and CE certified, thus can be used for clinical diagnostic purposes.


Cod produs Cantitate Descriere produs
109271 500 ml for cytological cancer and cycle diagnosis