Calibration Plasma



Calibration Plasma is prepared from normal human plasma and may be used as a reference plasma for the following assays: Factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, Fibrinogen, von Willebrand Factor, antigenic and functional Protein C, Protein S (total and free), as well as the chromogenic assays including Anti-Thrombin (AT)III, Protein C, Factor VIII and Plasminogen.

Denumire produs



Calibration Plasma



10 * 1 ml

Unopened vials are stable until the given expiry date when stored under conditions indicated on the vial or kit label. Values for Factor VIII, von Willebrand factor and ristocetin co-factor are stable for 2 hours at  2 – 8°C. All other factors are stable for 4 hours at  2 – 8°C

Main features

  • Single calibrator for multiple assays
  • Sourced from human plasma
  • Factor II, VII, VIII, IX and X values and the chromogenic Factor VIII, AT III and Protein C values are traceable to World Health Organisation standards